Detects whether you have Coronavirus (Covid-19)

and also whether you have had a past COVID-19 infection & recovered.







£15 Per COVID-19 Antibody Test

Box of 25 Tests


With excellent analytical results

IgM Sensitivity 93.94%

IgM Specificity 95.73%

IgG Sensitivity 89.19%

IgG Specificity 94.74%



Box consists of 25 Covid-19, Coronavirus Antibody Tests supplied with user instructions manual in plain, easy to understand English instructions with step by step instructions.





  • 25x Alcohol swabs
  • 25x Lancets (pin prick)
  • 25x Droppers Pipettes
  • 1X 365nm flashlight to verify test results


Covid-19 Coronavirus IgG IgM Rapid Antibody Test Kit

Self-Testing, Home Use, At Home Antibody Test Kit CE-IVD


Test Procedure

  • Massage tip of ring finger for few seconds

  • Wipe tip of ring finger with an alcohol swab

  • Use a lancet (pin prick) to prick finger and pierce the skin

  • Squeeze finger to draw a little blood sample

  • Wipe the finger again with an alcohol swab

  • Use a pipette / dropper to draw 30 ul of blood sample (2 drops of blood)

  • Hold the dropper upright and release the blood sample from the dropper onto rapid test cassette cartridge specimen well marked S

  • Wait 12 minutes for test to complete

  • Immediately, shine a 365nm flashlight on top of test cassette to display and read test results

  • Take photo of test results with a smartphone for later verification

  • Read the test results from smart phone photo (or test cassette immediately)

  • Do not read or interpret results after 20 minutes


How to Interpret Results

C - Denotes the control line and when this is highlighted on its own in red it indicates a negative test result, meaning NO COVID-19 & NO CORONAVIRUS


C with IgG & IgM denotes a positive result for IgG & IgM

C with IgM denotes positive result for IgM

C with IgG denoted positive result for IgG


The absence of C with either of the following IgG & IgM, or IgM on its own, or IgG on its own denotes an invalid test result which may be due to a number of factors including not using enough blood inside the sample tray, reading the results before 12 minutes have elapsed or reading the test results after 20 minutes have passed or giving rise to inconclusive results.


What is IgM & IgG

IgM is the first antibody to appear in the acute infection stage caused by pathogens such as SARS CoV-2, and can normally be detected 3 days after the onset of symptoms.


IgG is produced in the middle or later stage of the infection but provides long term protection.


In the latest 7th edition of the Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline on the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the SARS-CoV 2 IgG/IgM test is recommended as an aid in the diagnosis of the COVID-19.

SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM Kit is used for rapid and accurate screening of the COVID-19, which helps identify suspected patients and reduce false negative rate.

Rapid detection of recent SARS-CoV-2 infection

● In ONLY 12 minutes
● ONE-STEP operation
● Single cartridge, NO additional buffers
● TRFIA Europium particles displays Clear and Bright results
● Dual capturing antigens (S and N) enhanced sensitivity
● Important complement to PCR detection in COVID-19 diagnosis

25x COVID-19 "GOLD" Coronavirus IgG IgM Rapid Antibody Test Kits, Home Use

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