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Updated: May 30, 2020

While the coronavirus pandemic is not going to leave us soon, employees who can operate from home are advised to continue to do so. For other businesses that cannot, there is a need to consider how they will start to move their employees back to work. To aid their planning, there are different practical guides that will make the workplace as safe as possible giving confidence to go back to work and to resume normal daily lives.

1. Maintain at least 2-metre social distancing

Employers need to redesign their workplace to maintain at least 2-metre distance between their employees by creating one-way walk-through, opening more entry and exit points or changing the seating layouts. Just ensure when two people stretch their hands in opposite direction, the hands do not touch each other. If 2-meter social distancing cannot work, employers can create fixed teams or workplace shift patterns to minimize the number of people in contact. You can also consider placing barriers in shared places or ensuring the employees are not facing each other.

2. Reinforce cleaning processes

If you have been carefree about your workplace cleaning, now is the time to take it more serious. You must ensure your workplace is cleaned regularly, paying close attention to high-contact objects like keyboards, doorknobs, etc. Employers must also provide hand sanitizers or hand washing facilities at both the entrance and the exit points.

3. Test, Test, Test

The importance of regular testing for COVID-19 Coronavirus and following the World Health Organization’s recommendations to “test, test & test” cannot be overemphasized. Whether at home or workplace, regular testing with COVID-19 Rapid Home Testing Antibody Test Kits can help track the disease giving confidence to go back to work. It is a fast, CE certified, and effective method for revealing if a person has previously tested positive to the COVID-19 by testing for IgG/IgM antibodies against the virus.

Unlike the less reliable at-home test kits, research has shown that COVID-19 Rapid Home Testing Antibody Test Kits have 98.5% sensitivity and 99.5% specificity. The kits do not require visiting the hospital or the services of a healthcare professional to be administered, and the test can be performed in the comfort of someone’s home or workplace. For details of your our workplace listing of 12 tests at only £29.25 per test get your COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test Kits here.

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