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UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson ditches 2m social distancing rule for '1m-plus' in England

Full Article - The Guardian 23 June 2020

Coronavirus: Men produce more COVID-19 antibodies than women, NHS figures suggest

Full Article - Sky News 23 June 2020

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Scottish care home worker tests positive for coronavirus for second time

Full Article - BBC News 23 June 2020

Coronavirus world round-up: cases soar in major countries as WHO says pandemic 'accelerating'

Full Article - The Telegraph 23 June 2020

Immunity to Covid-19 rapidly declines, research shows

Full Article - The Telegraph 22 June 2020

Exclusive: Coronavirus began 'as an accident' in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss

Full Article - The telegraph 3 June 2020


Coronavirus: One in five with Covid could test negative

Full Article - Independent 4 June 2020


Coronavirus: Nearly 30,000 British swabs sent for testing at US lab found to be invalid

Full Article - Independent 4 June 2020


UK’s high death rate pinned to epidemic starting ‘much earlier than predicted’

Full Article - Express & Star 3 June 2020


Is a 3-day split week the way to get people back to work?

Full Article - World Economic Forum 29 May 2020


Coronavirus pandemic: Updates from around the world

Full Article - CNN 29 May 2020


Dangerous blood clots increasingly found in COVID-19 patients

Full Article - Daily Sabah 28 May 2020

Blood Sample

Coronavirus: Test and trace programme launches amid reports of 'crashes'

Full Article - Sky News 28 May 2020

Computer Programming

How do coronavirus home antibody tests work, and how do I get one?

Full Article - The Telegraph 27 May 2020

Science Lab

What is antibody testing for COVID-19, and how is it useful?

Full Article - Medical News Today 27 May 2020

Johns Hopkins Researchers Raise Concerns About ‘False Negative’ COVID-19 Tests

Full Article - CBS Baltimore 27 May 2020


Antibody tests for Covid-19 wrong up to half the time, CDC says

Full Article - CNN News 27 May 2020

Test Tubes

Coronavirus in Scotland: 'Test and protect' scheme will start on Thursday

Full Article - The BBC 26 May 2020

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Ten million Covid-19 antibody tests will strengthen UK’s testing strategy

Full Article - Medical Device Network 26 May 2020

Test Tubes

The UK is using this drone to deliver coronavirus tests and PPE to a Scottish island

Full Article - Business Insider 26 May 2020


Cambridge lab launches COVID-19 testing for care homes

Full Article - Business Weekly 26 May 2020

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Three in 10 negative coronavirus tests may be WRONG: Doctors' union warns inaccurate Covid-19 swabs could fuel the spread of the disease in hospitals

Full Article - Daily Mail 25 May 2020


Fear of the False Negative COVID-19 Test

Full Article - MedPage Today 20 April 2020


Coronavirus: Deal agreed for antibody virus tests on NHS

Full Article - The BBC 21 May 2020

Nurse And Patient

NHS and social care staff to get coronavirus antibody tests from next week

Full Article - The Guardian 21 May 2020

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Abbott joins Roche in winning UK approval for COVID-19 virus antibody test

Full Article - Financial Times 15 May 2020

Drug Testing

Record number of Covid-19 tests carried out, Grant Shapps says

Full Article - The Telegraph 15 May 2020

Covid 19

Which countries have antibody tests and how accurate are they?

Full Article - The Independent 14 May 2020

Coronavirus: New 100% accurate COVID-19 antibody test approved for use in UK

Full Article - Sky News 14 May 2020

Female Scientist Using Microscope

Now we have an accurate antibody test, we should at last get some answers

Full Article - The Telegraph 14 May 2020

Donating Blood

Covid-19 isn't just a respiratory disease. It hits the whole body

Full Article - CNN Health 13 May 2020

Closeup of a Petri Dish

It’s critical we have cheap, rapid at-home testing for Covid-19, but that could take weeks or even months, experts say

Full Article - CNBC 8 May 2020

COVID-19, 10Minute Rapid Antibody Tests.

Roche wins U.S. nod for COVID-19 antibody test, aims to boost output

Full Article - Reuters 3 May 2020

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"Immunity passports" in the context of COVID-19

Full Article - World Health Organisation 24 April 2020

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